Lamacoids & Nameplates

Lamicoids (or Lamacoids ) by definition is a trade name for 2 or 3-ply plastic engraving material, formerly known as rigid phenolic engraving material. They are also referred to as Nameplates, legend plates, plastic tags, valve markers, name badges & lamacoid labels.

Industrial lamacoid tags are suitable for both indoor & outdoor applications.  Most commonly used as identification tags for machine panels, electrical panels, industrial machinery as well as caution or warning signs. They can be used to identify buttons, switches, lights and to warn machine operators of potential hazards.

• The Lamacoids face finish is available in both smooth & textured surfaces.

• Great for tough environmental conditions.

• We custom make your lamacoids to suit your job. Any shape, size or quantity.

• Reverse engraved plastic lamacoids available for clean environment requirements.

Types of Lamacoids

Standard Laser Engraved Lamacoid

A typical laser engraved lamacoid tag with 3M adhesive applied to the back for mounting.

Rotary Engraved Lamacoids

This is a rotary engraved lamacoid tag that is ideal for uses where chemical resistant materials are required.

Anodized Aluminum Lamacoids

Anodized aluminum is great choice when your application requires corrosion resistance and greater durability than the plastic options.

Shown with holes in corners for mounting.

Stainless Steel Lamacoid

Stainless Steel tags are ideal for the harshest conditions. This is the most durable option.

Material Options

• Two-ply & Three-ply Plastic

• Anodized Aluminum

• Stainless Steel

Colour Options



Mounting Options

•Double-Sided Tape (3M468)

• Ball Chains

• Wire or Aircraft Cable


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